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Our Specialities

We have been specialized in exporting and importing pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical products as well as API for more than 10+ years, covering all over world, such as USA, Canada, England, French and so on.

  • R & D

    Fully equipped research facility to support Sandoo’s internal supply chain and to offer custom R&D services.

    We are supported by all kinds, including FDA approved, GMP as well as GMP like sites.

    Our facilities are designed to comply with ICH 2022 working draft guidelines for quality standards.

About Us

Sandoo Pharmaceuticals and Chemcials Co.,Ltd., established in 2009, is located in 9th floor,1#,Smart Park, No 98 chuangyuan Rd,Hi-tech zone,Ningbo,Zhejiang Province. We have formed supply capacity from R&D, pilot to commercial scale., including API, anti-cancer, antiviral drug intermediates, fine chemicals, food additives, as well as key intermediates of polypeptide compounds in the forefront of biopharmaceuticals in the world. Our cooperated R&D centers are located in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, covering new drugs and advanced compounds. The R&D centers have strong R&D and innovation capabilities in process development, process optimization and analytical method development.

About us

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