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How to find the best China API manufacturer?


Active pharmaceutical ingredients or APIs can be defined as the chemicals used to manufacture pharmaceutical drugs. The active ingredient (AI) is the substance or substances that are biologically active within the drug and is the specific component responsible for the desired effect it has on the individual taking it.

Any drug or medication is composed of two components. The first is the API – which is the central ingredient. The second is known as the excipient, which is the inactive substance that serves as the vehicle for the API itself. If the drug is in a syrup form, then the excipient is the liquid that has been used to make it as such.

API has a very good market prospect. The active pharmaceutical ingredients market is driven by the growing aging population. Healthcare has become a hot topic in the world.

Where can you find the manufacturer?

Professional API manufacturer

The largest API manufacturers are in Asia, especially China. China leads the world in APIs, and the market continues to expand. According to the data, China is the largest producer and exporter of APIs, producing more than 1,500 APIs.

So when you google it you will find there are many professional Chinese API manufacturers. Most manufacturers on the Internet are fairly reliable, but there are always exceptions. So when you choose a reliable API manufacturer, you need to consider carefully, and the pharmaceutical industry cannot cheat.

You can also search for the manufacturer you are looking for by entering the CAS number you need according to your detailed needs, for example: "CAS NO.303-98-0", "CAS No. 144689-24-7".


Exhibition is an important way to find API manufacturers, where you can learn about the latest industry news and meet a wide variety of API manufacturers.

On the other hand, during the exhibition, you can see API samples and have direct face-to-face communication with manufacturers, which is an important way to help you understand the quality of the products you need and the manufacturers you want to work with.
There are professional API drug exhibitions in China. You can pay attention to the time and venue of the exhibition through the news to facilitate you to register and participate in advance.


E-commerce websites will also provide you with a variety of rich choices, but again, there is no guarantee, you need to make a careful choice before you can decide.

Factory near you

There are many offline factories that do not provide online services, so you need to go to the factory in person to visit and negotiate. This is a very time consuming process and it is very difficult to select the API you need.

How to choose API manufacturer?

Find your needs

We all know that different medicines are used to cure different diseases, and the same different APIs are also the raw materials used to make different medicines. So, when you are choosing an API manufacturer, you need to know if the API you need is made by this manufacturer.

A reliable API manufacturer should help you find your needs faster. You can quickly find the API you need for production in the product list, and an experienced manufacturer will help you save a lot of costs.

Verify the manufacturer

When you are choosing a reliable API manufacturer, you need to consider the following:

What companies are they currently producing for?

When you want to verify that a manufacturer is reliable, you can go to the manufacturer's partners. If a manufacturer is unreliable, no business wants to work with such a manufacturer.

If you choose to verify a reliable manufacturer yourself, it will cost too much, not just money but time. So when you're hesitant, it's a good idea to choose a manufacturer that everyone else trusts.

Their quality inspection

Because API is the main ingredient of the drug, which is related to the efficacy and safety parameters of the drug, it is very important to maintain strict quality inspection. The FDA also has many regulations governing the manufacture of API ingredients for drugs.

API is fundamental to the modern drug manufacturing process and cutting cost should not be the only criteria that can be applied to the production of an active pharmaceutical ingredient as it can adversely affect human health if the above-mentioned regulations and practices are not followed strictly.

If we want to ensure that the medicines we produce are safe for humans, we must choose a reputable API manufacturer that follows the rules. The main factors that affect the reputation of an API manufacturer are:

  • A background check should be able to reveal any loopholes in their manufacturing processes, their turnover, capacity to the manufacturer, and their past client history.

  • Checking the records of quality parameters followed while procuring raw materials, manufacturing API, storing and packaging of the API ingredient.

  • Also, confirm whether the API supplier is ready to take responsibility for any failed quality check or not.

  • Their readiness to produce an API in a specific time frame speaks a lot about their efficacy as an API manufacturer.

If you want to learn more about drug quality testing, you can click on our other article to browse:

  • Outsourcing of API Manufacturing – Are Strict Regulation and Quality Checks Necessary?

Their equipment and professionalism
A reliable supplier should have professional production equipment, advanced production technology and rich manufacturing experience. So when you're choosing an API supplier, you can look at their production scenarios and their hours of operation, which are important factors to verify a manufacturer.

Reliable manufacturers are happy to show you all their advantages, and you can also choose to test the professionalism of an API manufacturer by making an appointment to visit the factory in person.

Contact the manufacturer

When you finally decide to choose a manufacturer, you can choose to contact the manufacturer for samples and quotations, and you can express your more needs to the manufacturer. Communication is an important process. In the process of cooperation, boldly contact the manufacturer!


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