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Differences Between Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Excipients and Pharmaceutical Intermediates


In the pharmaceutical industry, there are various names of raw materials, such as pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and pharmaceutical excipients in the process of pharmaceutical production. This article will take everyone to recognize these three concepts.

Differences Between Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Excipients and Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Pharmaceutical raw materials:

Pharmaceutical raw materials refer to various raw materials used in pharmaceutical preparations, including both active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. The bulk drug is the active ingredient in the pharmaceutical preparation, and the excipients are the ingredients in the pharmaceutical preparation except the bulk drug.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients refer to the raw materials used in the production of various preparations. They are the effective ingredients in the preparations. They are various powders, crystals, extracts, etc., prepared by chemical synthesis, plant extraction or biotechnology, but A substance that the patient cannot take directly.

The powder, crystal, and extract are processed into dosage forms that are convenient for patients to take (such as tablets, capsules, injections, pills, ointments, etc.). These dosage forms are called drug dosage forms . The specific raw material is processed into pharmaceutical preparations.

The name of the bulk drug is mainly relative to the preparation. Mainly raw materials obtained by chemical processing methods, and supply raw materials for the production of finished drugs. For example, cefpirome sulfate for injection is a medicine, so cefpirome sulfate is a raw material

Pharmaceutical excipients:

Pharmaceutical excipients refers to the general designation of all the medicinal materials added to the prescription except for the main drug in order to solve the formability, effectiveness, stability, and safety of the formulation during the formulation of the formulation. The essence of the prescription design process of pharmaceutical preparations is the process of screening and applying pharmaceutical excipients based on the characteristics of the drug and the requirements of the dosage form.

Pharmaceutical excipients are the basic materials and important components of pharmaceutical preparations, and are the material basis for the production and development of pharmaceutical preparations. They play a key role in the formulation and production of pharmaceutical preparations. It not only gives the drug a certain dosage form. Moreover, it has a great relationship with improving the efficacy of drugs and reducing adverse reactions. Its quality, reliability and diversity are the basis for ensuring the advancement of dosage forms and preparations.

Pharmaceutical intermediates:

Pharmaceutical intermediates are the precursors of pharmaceutical raw materials, and are the products of various stages before they are made into Pharmaceutical raw materials. 

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